At a Glance

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination…”  ~Nelson Mandela


Hi!  Welcome to the e-Portfolio of Ariel Haubrich.  I’m hopeful you’ll find the information you’re seeking about my professional interests, experience, training and background.  If you’re still curious or interested in learning more, please also feel free to contact me via email at or using social media.  Thanks, happy reading and take good care!

Skills & Personal Strengths

I have a strong work ethic, drive and initiative, and have a passion for leadership, adult-education, and engaging with others as they learn.  I have experience in management, research, program development and evaluation, and have the dedication, confidence and self-discipline required for innovation, negotiation and decision making.  I embrace technology and creativity in my work, and am exceptionally well organized, reliable and professional.

I am a natural leader, yet am able to take direction well; I can work productively as both part of a team and independently.  I enjoy developing material and presenting on a variety of topics, and have a talent and passion for sharing and learning with others.  I possess exceptional communication, advocacy and rapport building skills, and am able to be both friendly and professional with my colleagues, the community, and those I serve.

Education & Experience

I am a professional member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) possessing the Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) designation, and a professional affiliate of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta with a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Alberta. I have completed after-degree advanced training in the areas of management, supervision and leadership, and in addictions and eating disorders management.  Another of my passions is professional development and lifelong learning.  I have extensive international, national and provincial experience in training, presentation, workshop facilitation and helping others to learn about best practice, break-through research and passion for their field of work. Along with the areas of mental health and addictions, I further value the fields of physical health, wellness and nutrition, and I am professionally certified as a Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, and nationally and provincially as a fitness leader.


I have over ten years of experience as a counsellor and program manager in school systems and communities working with students, families, school staffs and community members in all areas of wellness and development, and in counselling for those experiencing emotional, social, educational or psychological challenges. I have been involved in developing and leading school division projects, programming, crisis response and program development teams, and my work reaches into the community in a variety of programs and classes aimed at building knowledge, health and wellness in others. I am President of the National School Counsellors Chapter of the CCPA, and also consult and contribute to the PC Alberta Policy Development Committee.  My community involvement includes much volunteer work and I also hold the position of Vice-president of the local theatre organization, am a board member with the regional health foundation and am Vice-chair of Encompass Credit Union’s Board of Directors.  My love and passion for teaching, learning and helping others is also exacted in personal counselling and wellness sessions offered to individuals and groups in all areas of mental health and wellness. 

Professional Interests

I seek to work in a dynamic, progressive and team-oriented environment as I contribute and develop my knowledge and experience in the areas of education and personal/ organizational development. In both personal and professional development, I value collaboration, vision and the art and science of learning.

My interest areas and education lie in the dynamics of leadership, education and the relationship between mental and physical health, particularly in regards to stress, conflict and anxiety.  My passion and expertise are in the development and presentation of the current research and best practices in a field that I respect, value and have built a career around.  I am engaging, strategic and a critical thinker, and have a proven track-record in effective and innovative management and leadership. I am comfortable in both rural and urban settings and enjoy the novelty, awe and personal time experienced while travelling across our beautiful province.

Please feel free to send me a message or visit my company website at so we can get to know each other better!

Until we meet,

Ariel Haubrich