Media Recognition

There have been a number of times that myself or my programs have been recognized in the media.  Some of the links below are program specific write-ups, and others showcase aspects of my leadership and management duties and abilities including:

  • Financial responsibilities (managing a million dollar grant-funded budget with accompanying reporting framework)
  • Needs assessments (determining target need areas and strategic planning to address the short, medium and long-term outcomes associated with them), and
  • Collaborative teams & partnerships (local, provincial and national business, government and agency members of advisory and governance committees)

Haubrich Appointed to Government Mental Health Advisory Council

Million Dollar Wellness Program Launched

Collaborative Team works at Helping Students through Transition

WOW Partners with Local Community College to provide Scholarship Funds in Wellness Education

Program Proves Successful into Year 2

Grade 8 Girls Getaway

Walk n’ Talk with WOW